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Surfing with the rainbow, Tahiti. Photo by: Zak Noyle

Brent Dorrington making his way through a barrel in South Stradbroke, Australia. Photo by: Andrew Shield

French windsurfer Manu Bouve at beautiful clear ocean, French Polynesian islands. Photo by: Ben Thouard

Surfing under the waves. Photo by: Lucia Griggi

Sequence shot of a surfer in Hawaii. Photo by: Zakary Noyle

A Tumblr blogger – surfing trooper is having fun with his lady-trooper friend at the beach. Photo by: unknown

A extreme surfer jumps from a high cliff into crazy waves. Photo by: Allen Hughes

Black and white photography of a surfer girl under the wave. Photo by: Tony Heff

Brad Gerlach surfed this huge 68-foot wave at Todos Santos, Mexico. Photo by: Robert Brown

Can you find a surfer on this photo? Photo by: Chris Burkard | Red Bull

Inside a wave, photo taken with GoPro. Photo by: unknown

With a little bit of imagination everything is possible, kid surfs at his parents bed. Photo by: Tim MacPherson

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