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In the small but densely wooded Needham town forest, outside Boston, lies a secret attraction — a miniature model railway consisting of 120 foot of tracks that wind through the trees and over delicate trestles and small tunnels. A tiny blue electric locomotive pulls a load of cargo logs over the tracks, while a group of assorted passengers including miniature plastic superheroes, pigs, and dinosaurs wait by the station house.

The model railway, known as the Martini Junction, was created in the early 2000s by Jim Metcalf, a retired design engineer. Jim and his wife, Evelyn, discovered the small wooded retreat near a brook on one of their hikes over a decade ago. Jim thought that it would a nice place to relax and have a martini. So he built a bench and a table so he and his wife could picnic at the spot. He even created a tiny dam in the brook that led to a small waterfall so that they could enjoy the sounds of the trickling water.


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