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The historic Gregynog Hall in the village of Tregynon, in Wales, UK, is a large country mansion whose brilliant black-and-white timber-framed façade is actually made of concrete. The original house dated back to the 12th century, and was made of actual wood, but when it was rebuilt in the 1840s by Charles Hanbury-Tracy, the first Baron of Sudeley, it was designed to resemble the half-timbered architecture of a Montgomeryshire farmhouse. In fact, the Gregynog Hall is among the earliest examples of concrete use in building in Britain. The Sudeleys were also pioneers of the use of concrete in the building of new cottages and farmhouses on the Gregynog estate, and many such examples can still be seen in Tregynon and the surrounding countryside.


Photo credit: Broneirion/Wikimedia

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