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The Myra Canyon section of the Kettle Valley Railway in southern British Columbia, Canada, is a 9.6 km section of railway tracks along the famed Myra Canyon located south of Kelowna on Okanagan Mountain. The track traverses the extremely mountainous terrain by means of sixteen timber framed trestles, two steel bridges and two tunnels, all of which are abandoned now, providing mountain bikers endless opportunities at exploration.

The Kettle Valley Railway was built at the turn of the 20th century to meet the growing demands of silver mining in the Southern Interior region of British Columbia. Discovery of silver in Kootenay drove thousands of American prospectors to this region, who took control of the operations there and began sending the riches south of the border. At that time the Canadian Pacific Railway was too far north and east of the Southern Interior for ore to be removed or supplies brought in. In fact it was closer and cheaper to have goods go through the Northern Pacific Railway that went through Spokane, Washington.


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