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The historic Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the city’s most important convention center. All big events in Atlantic City are held there. The Boardwalk Hall has held sporting events (boxing, ice hokey, basketball, soccer, wrestling, figure skating, etc.), music concerts (featuring The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, to name a few), political rallies and is also the home of the Miss America Pageant. This self-contained entertainment facility occupies 7 acres of land and is equipped with its own direct electric power station, radio station, kitchens and telephone system. When the hall was opened in 1929, it was the largest enclosed free span arch in the world with trusses spanning 310 feet in width, a floor to ceiling height of 137 feet and a total interior length of 456 feet. Building the hall was an incredible feat of engineering.


The main console featuring seven manuals. Photo credit: Michael/Flickr

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