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The makers of Kunal Kohli and Jennifer Winget starrer Phir Se are miffed with Daawat-e-Ishq co-writer Jyoti Kapoor who claims that director-turned-actor Kunal Kohli has plagiarized her script.

While the writer has approached the Film Writers Association (FWA) claiming that she narrated the script to Kohli over a year ago, truth be told, the writers claims are false and baseless with no proof to back her malicious statements.

Kunal Kohli and Jennifer Winget starrer 'Phir Se...' Movie Poster

Kunal Kohli and Jennifer Winget starrer ‘Phir Se…’ Movie Poster

Putting all speculation to rest, clarifies Kunal Kohli, “The allegations are completing false and are made with vested interests – Whether this is an excuse to extort money or plain fame, the accusations are completely baseless and harassing. Just meeting someone once doesn’t mean you copied their script. I was already writing the script with Sukhmani Sadana when I met Jyoti. It’s sad and wrong she would use one meeting to accuse me of plagiarism. Fraud cases like this discourage producer-directors from meeting new talent. I’m completely willing to cooperate with the authorities and sort this out as I have nothing to hide.”

Kunal Kohli makes his acting debut with Phir Se, having made his mark as director with films like Hum Tum and Fanaa. Presented by Bombay Film Company Ltd and produced by Shiv Kumar, the film will be directed by Kunal Kohli and Ajay Bhuyan and is scheduled to release in May 2015.​

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