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When you have to name self made actors in the industry, one can’t miss Akshay Kumar. Rajiv Bhatia, a common lad who made it big as Superstar Akshay Kumar is an unmissable character when you list down those who made it big in Bollywood, without any family backup. A very modest Akshay, attributes it all to greed and tells us how he still loves travelling in first class and private jets.

He told Koimoi, “I am hungry to work. I am hungry to get up in the morning and go for shoots and mostly I am hungry to travel in first class. If I have to travel at night, I work this day the maximum. To the hilt. So that I am so tired, that I relish the feeling of sleeping 34,000 up in air. My greed has not gone. I had never seen a plane for years. I don’t want that greed to go. I know my son doesn’t have the same greed. I wish I could put it in them but unfortunately they are lucky, they have it.”

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

It is Kumar’s eagerness to work that allows him the zest to do 4 films a year. And yet, he maintains a balance between his film never doing it just for the money of it, but more for the love of the characters. He points out, “While I do an Airlift, A Gabbar and A Baby, I also have a Singh is Bling too in my upcoming films. I believe in maintaining the balance of characters.”

The Shaukeens that has him playing himself releasing today. The actor will next gear up to get the trailer of Neeraj Pandey’s Baby ready, a film that will release in January and will have its trailer out on December 5th.

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