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Alia Bhatt is acquiring newer dimensions and now she has embarked on a career in music as the novice actress will be singing a song in the upcoming film Highway.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the film’s music is composed by music maestro A.R Rahman. Ali maintains her childlike charm and hums a gorgeously innocent lullaby which is soulful to the core. Titled Sooha Saha, Zeb Bangash, of the famous Pakistani duo Zeb & Haniya, has also rendered her voice to the song.

Alia Bhatt Sings for Highway

Alia Bhatt Sings for Highway

At a press conference yesterday, the team of Highway comprising of Alia, Randeep Hodda, Imtiaz Ali and Rahman himself made the announcement. Alia’s character Veera and Randeep’s character Mahabir take on the road journey and traverses through six states of northern India. The journey moves from the plains of Punjab to the hills of Himachal and Veera sings this lullaby, which will remind Mahabir of his younger days.

Both the filmmaker and Rahman himself agreed that if Alia sang a verse herself, it would give a greater texture, poignancy and feeling to the song.

“We have this lullaby, Sooha Saha in Highway.Imtiaz said Alia has a great voice and I didn’t trust him.Then she learned the song and sang to me and I was pretty impressed with her natural ability too. We guided her a little bit to perfect the singing. She did it twice and then we got it almost right and now it sounds great,” said A R Rahman at the event.

An enthralled Alia Bhatt added, “It was unreal. I am a bathroom singer but to have the opportunity to sing a song composed by Rahman sir was unbelievable. This film is so close to my heart not just for acting but for singing too now! ”

Alia Bhatt Singing for her Upcoming Movie Highway

Alia Bhatt Singing for her Upcoming Movie Highway

Alia Bhatt Singing for Highway

Alia Bhatt Singing for Highway

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