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Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan, who makes his debut in Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra's Mirza Sahibaan next year, has been whisked from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai to Delhi.

He has been in Delhi for four months now preparing for his part away from Mumbai.

Says Rakeysh, "Harsh's dedication and passion have surprised us all. He has given up Mumbai and gone to Delhi to focus on preparing for his character. It's been four months since he shifted to Delhi."

An entire team has been set up to guide and instruct Harshvardhan.

Informs Mehra, "I've set up the entire film's team there for him. I personally visit him every week. It's a still some way from shooting. He could've started preparing later. But he has chosen to be in Delhi from now."

But why Delhi? I ask Rakeysh.

He replies, "It feels correct to have him there. It helps him focus better. It's like going to boarding school. It keeps him away from day-to-day distractions. And how beautifully he is adapted to the character."

Mehra happily says Anil's son has evolved and grown. "The Harsh of today is very different from the Harsh of yesterday. I've had to ask him to take it easy. To see that level of dedication in a 22-year old is so heartening."

A hunt is on for a co-star for Harshvardhan.

Says the director, "Thankfully, I've found my Mirza. Now pray that I find my Sahibaan soon. Both the leads have extremely evolved characters. I've no doubt my Sahibaan is out there somewhere. For me this is a new playing-field altogether, as it has been each time I've embarked on a new journey."


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