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If one has to lookback at the major happenings of 2016, the one thing that tops your mind is the ‘demonetarisation drive’, which was initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No sooner it got started, many of the black money found its way out in front of the government. While there have been many who criticized the ‘demonetarisation drive’, there have been others who supported Narendra Modi in this initiative. One such person happens to be the renowned film maker Ashoke Pandit, who is now all geared up with his short film Note Down.

When asked about the film, speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Ashoke Pandit said, “Note Down talks about the positivity of demonetarisation. It’s a ten minute feel good short film of ten minutes duration. The film is made from a common man’s point of view. Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this daring step at the cost of his career and also his entire party. It was one of the lifetime decisions that have been taken by him. As a film maker, I thought of contributing to the decision taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government as the whole. The film’s humour lies in its tagline itself that states “A short film made by swiping our credit cards”. When asked about the film’s cast and crew, Ashoke Pandit said, “I have involved young minds in the film’s making, all of whom who believed in the concept and the soul of the film”.

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