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After a stunning start on Friday, Dhoom 3 continued to storm both the Indian and Overseas Box Office! Dhoom 3 has so far managed to make a whopping amount of 203 crores worldwide. The film, which made 142 crores gross in 3 days at the domestic box office continued to earn stupendously well in the key circuits of international market as well. The film has made $10.17 million overseas which comes to a total of 61 crores.

If one looks closely at the territorial breakdown, the film came out a winner in each crucial circuit. In U.S.A and Canada, the film made USD 3,435,000 which is the highest opening ever for a Bollywood film.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

In U.A.E & G.C.C, despite releasing on a Friday instead of the customary Thursday release, the film made USD 2,801,000 which is praiseworthy. Despite losing out on a crucial day from the weekend holiday, the film fared extraordinarily well.

In U.K, the film made USD 1,451,000 which makes it the highest non-holiday release ever.

In Australia, the film made USD 765,360 and in Pakistan $630,500 both of which remains the highest opening ever for any film in the circuit.

So far the film has accumulated a worldwide total of USD 28.11 million which itself ranks as a new benchmark for Bollywood film in terms of box office numbers.

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