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Jai Ho recorded for itself a great advance booking tempo especially in the single screens. Since the advance booking for single screens started earlier, the reports were obviously better. In many key areas like Rajasthan, U.P, and parts of C.I the advance bookings have emerged better than both Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express, reflecting the best results of the lot. The difference in the booking rates treads into a good 35% increase over Dhoom 3‘s advance bookings.

Salman has always had more followers in single screen circuits ever since he began the trend of mass oriented commercial films in Bollywood since Wanted in 2009.

Salman Khan in a still from 'Jai Ho'

Salman Khan in a still from ‘Jai Ho’

But the multiplexes in Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Bangalore are failing to translate the similar magic as in single screens. Though Jai Ho is recording great advance booking numbers, the general hype is much lower than Ek Tha Tiger or even the dismal Bodyguard.

Barring a few vernacular spots, most screens have been allotted to the film much to its advantage and yes there is second thought that the film will surpass Salman’s best so far. However, the gesture of Salman in maintaining low prices for his audiences was so touching that the audiences might want to flock in greater numbers to watch the film.

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