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India's most accomplished actor is ready with his autobiography.

That Naseeruddin Shah has written his life-story out is no surprise. After all, life and career more worthy of chronicling is hard to come by. What surprises is that the Naseer story was kept under wraps for nearly four years as the actor-extraordinaire diligently penned down his thoughts and observations.

Confirming the publication of his autobiography, Naseeruddin Shah says, "Yes, I've written my autobiography. I haven't spoken about it to anyone. I wanted to complete before talking about it."

As one eagerly awaits the opus, Naseer reveals that it covers the first 32 years of his life. "That's as far as I'd like to take my life in the autobiography without the narration getting too lengthy to hold my readers. Insha Allah, there will be a second volume covering the second part of my life."

Naseer's autobiography is expected to be out this year.

Says the insuperable actor, "This year I complete 40 years of acting. So it seemed like the right time to talk about the first-half of my life. I've tried to be as honest in my book as possible. I've told the truth about my life without hurting the dignity of those whom I came into contact with."

The title of the autobiography is still to be decided.

Rishi Kapoor is also writing his memoirs. Anil Kapoor's biography is being written by Khalid Mohamed.


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