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Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Rangoon and is touring the country for the same. While the promotions are on, the actress is not leaving her outspoken image behind. In every other interview, Kangna has been brutally honest about her life and controversies surrounding it.

In a recent interview with a leading newspaper, Kangna Ranaut had a candid conversation about her upcoming film, dark past, love life. She talked about past heartbreaks and how she has coped up with them. When asked about whether she wants to experience the pure kind of love which has been missing from her life, she admitted being is in a relationship of that sort and pure love has already happened to her. When asked about her marriage plans, she is hoping that it will happen this year only.

Talking about heartbreaks in the past, Kangna said that she has been very blessed in the sense that she gets over it really quickly. For her, when she is in relationship, she is into it. But, when it is over, she never looks back. In the interview, she also admitted that all of her exes have wanted to get back with her. But, she never had the urge to get back with any of her exes. She further added that she easily gets over a long time relationship that may have lasted for seven years in just a week. It is easy for her because she is satisfied that she gave her best. It didn’t work out, she can’t do anything about it and she never has an impulse to get back with her ex.

Rangoon, on the other hand, showcases Kangna Ranaut stuck in between a messed up love triangle. Her character Julia shares a dark love with Saif Ali Khan’s character whereas her love with Shahid Kapoor’s character Nawab brings out the best of her. Helmed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the film is slated to February 24.


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