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If there's a list of people who really practice what they preach, then, chances are bright that Salman Khan will top the list. The man has taken his charitable work very seriously.

In continuation of his philanthropic works, Salman has now come up with a unique way of helping the needy. Reports have it that Salman has now decided to produce a film, all by himself. The 'USP' of this film will be that the revenues that will be left after subtracting the taxes and costs will be strictly used for charity.

While the details of the same have been strictly kept under the wraps, the only information that is known about this film is that it will be released by the end of the year and that the film company will be called 'Being Filmy'. Whether Salman will be acting in the film or not is something that only time will tell.

Watch this space for more developments.

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