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A lengthy MMS clip showing Sanjay Dutt sozzled to the gills, fooling around at his home and talking unabashedly about certain people in the film industry, is going around discreetly among handpicked members of the film fraternity.

The clip was shot when Dutt was out on parole the last time. It could cause considerable embarrassment for the incarcerated actor's family and for the actor himself.

The clip was apparently shot when during his parole period Dutt invited three upcoming superstars (all star-sons incidentally) for dinner to his house.

One of the three young stars, all self-confessed Dutt fans, shot the clip on his phone and has been sending it out to "selected" friends. Of course those selected friends have also been forwarding the clip to their selected friends....and so on.

One of the actor's friends who has received the clip says, "It shows Sanju having a good time at a small dinner party. He is a little high, playing the air guitar, fooling around, talking sh.t about people in the film industry....just harmless banter and fun which is a regular feature at private dinners."

However considering Sanjay Dutt's circumstances the family is understandably embarrassed and livid.

"They are trying to find out which of the three upcoming stars (two of them with the same surname) shot the clip and is sending it out," says the source.

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