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Shakti Kapoor, who has had his share of controversies in Bollywood, has now stepped forward to support his friend and director Sachindra Sharma, who is accused of “casting couch”. During the music launch of his film ‘Mumbai Can Dance Saala‘ Rakhi Sawant’s friend walked to the stage, slapped the director and later lodged a complaint accusing him of casting couch. As the case is going on, Sachindra called for a press conference, on Friday, to show the evidence, that they have submitted to court to prove his innocence.

Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor

Kapoor, who came to support his friend and director Sachindra, who, he says to be knowing since a long time was quiet confident that Sachindra is being framed. However, he bluntly cut the topic half way through when a reporter just started his question with ‘Shaktiji you have been accused in the past of’ and before the reporter could complete his question, the actor in a stern voice exclaimed, “I am not here to answer a single question about me, I am not a part of this controversy, I am here to put forward my point of view on whatever happened with my director. And whatever happened was very shameful; there are people who stoop so low to get publicity. No matter what, I have and will always stand for truth and I am sure that my friend is innocent and that the allegations are false.”

Kapoor, made a quick exit from the venue the moment he finished his words. Well, we wonder was it to avoid similar kinds of questions to which he was not comfortable answering?

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