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Two years back, there had been huge uproar in the media with photographers trying to sneak in and click at least one picture of Aradhya Bachchan, Abhi-Ash’s daughter, who had then become famous as Beti B! Cut to 2013 and we had news of Shah Rukh-Gauri having a surrogate baby, their third child, named AbRam.

Shah Rukh, who had always rather been very cool with the Media and has never hidden pictures of baby Aryan or Suhana when they were born, did the unthinkable. The Khan family, who were busy spending their New Year at Phuket was spotted recently at the Mumbai airport, with baby AbRam in their arms.

Gauri Khan Abram Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Gauri Khan Abram Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

AbRam, who was dressed up in a black jacket along with a hoodie had been all decked up, with his face covered, so as to save the paparazzi from going click, click! It is almost a déjà vu moment for us as this seriously brought back the memories of a Bachchan clan doing the same to protect their child from getting clicked by the Media.

With bouncers and the other staff members around, it became rather impossible for the Media personnel to catch a glimpse of the little wonder as Shah Rukh carefully made sure that he did not come into the view. And with the number of speculations running around SRK’s third baby right from the beginning affecting the Khan paradise, this time Shah Rukh chose to protect his little one than being rather media friendly. We understand!

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