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It's a story of spirit, spunk, guts and finally, victory. How Shraddha Kapoor said no to Yashraj's bikini clause, could make a great screenplay.But then, life is often stranger than fiction. And Shraddha Kapoor made her choice when she walked out of Yashraj Films into Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatts' Vishesh Films to Aashiqui 2.The rest, as they say, is history.

But behind the historic success of Aashiqui 2, there is a story of conflict and dilemma.

Apparently, Shraddha, who was at that point of time tied down to Yashraj Films and had already done a film Luv Ka The End with the banner, was expected to do two more films with them. "It was at this point of time that Shraddha was offered Atul Sabharwal's Aurangzeb from the Yashraj banner. It was the role of Arjun Kapoor's moll along the lines of the one played by Parveen Babi in Deewaar. The character was not only required to do many love-making scenes with Arjun, she also had to wear a bikini for a sequence," says a source.

Shraddha politely but flatly declined the offer. The role was eventually played by Salma Agha's daughter Sasha Agha. And we all know how much the role and film benefited Sasha.

Says the source, "Shraddha knew the character had nothing much to do. But since she was reminded of the loyalty that she was required to show to the banner, she'd have probably agreed to do the role, were it not for the excessive nudity, love-making and kissing required for the part. Since Shraddha has a very strong sense of self-censorship, she politely but firmly declined the offer."

Apparently, Aditya Chopra did not take too kindly to Shraddha's firm stand on the matter. Yashraj has not offered Shraddha any role since then. We hear the actress now intends to clear the air with Aditya Chopra at the earliest.

"For no other reason, except to dissolve the bad blood between them. Shraddha doesn't need to be anxious about work anymore. She'd love to work with Yashraj. But not if it means getting into a bikini," says a friend of the actress.

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