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Adding an extra dose of cute to this Christmas season, Taylor Swift and "little sister" Hailee Steinfeld spent most of their afternoon baking, decorating and cooking.

Hopping on Instagram, the stunning pair offered fans a handful of photos, each portraying a special moment, and captioned to describe everything going on!

Taylor posted a pic of 16-year-old Hailee, peaking out from under a tree, surveying a dozen hot baked cookies. The "Red" singer wrote, "It's not possible for her to be cuter or for this day to be more festive."

The 24-year-old musical superstar also posted, "Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year." Taylor put up a cute pic of the two holding up their holiday crafts with a smile.

Hailee then posted another picture of herself and Taylor holding up their Christmas cards, writing, "That moment when the ribbon from your gift becomes a hair accessory... @taylorswift13."


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