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Title: Malayalam Full Movie Arabia | Full malayalam movie | Malayalam movies full HD

Added on: 2016-12-22 23:53:59 Total Views: 10,052

Description: Video details - tTRvrFs01es : Arabia (1995) is a classic action movie. Directed by Jayaraj. Starring Babu Antony ,Madhupal ,Hakkeem ,VK Sreeraman ,Charmila ,Anusha & others. The movie plot of Arabia has resemblance with that of vintage arabic movies like Daya, Alibaba and 41 Thieves, The Magic Lamp etc. Story is framed to be happen in a Northern India after the freedom. The old system in India was kingship. There were both good and bad kings in India. The emperors were very powerful and influencive. As usual there were traitors too, who usually messes them up. The traitors seeks the help of local gangsters and assassinates or dislodges the king. This usually ends up in blood sheds and some times in massacre. The fate of people in such countries or territories were pathetic. These un wanted disputes and fights always tensed their normal lives.The quench for power always aroused the people.The tradition and culture got merged by these devastation's.The native people always get into troubles from the gangsters. And occasionally a hero rises to save them. This has turned in to the subject of many movies and novals. Arabia is one of that kind. In Arabia we may see the sorrows and disappointments of the people in Dharamapuri. They were a very prosperous and famous country once, But now the destiny has brought them the bitter taste of life, The kind was a great warrior and a good ruler but now he is so weak, because of age and circumstances. He had a great Knight called Safar. His bravery and die hard commitment always protected him. The minister Kala tried his best to become as the king, but Safar always stood in his path. whatever he tried Safar slaughtered his dreams. But everything gone upside down within a no time. The Constitution in India got established which rang the final call for Kingship in India. Politicians are started to get elected and they became as the new rulers. On the other hand the king of Dharma Puri also lost his power. Kala came with his hinge men to repay back to Safar, He killed him and his wife inhumanly. Bit fortunately their ten year old son Akbar Ali miraculously escaped in his horse. This flash back unfolds after the middle of the movie. Movie starts with the intro of Dharmapuri after about 20 years, where the hinge men of Kala threatnds and humiliates the people. Now he wanted every one to leave the place. He wanted to establish his own criminal den. The old king is the only hope left for them. The priest's daughter Bhairavi is in love affair with Salim. This signifies the secularity of the place, which is not much known to the civilians in India. Salim was a brave heart, even if he born and lived as an orphan he always kept his pride. Sindhoori is the princess. Now Kala has more political influence, which he used to grab the authority on Dharma Puri's land. He used the tactics of crimes to drive them off. Finally the king agreed to his terms. Mean while a new hero, arrives. Sameer Ali, yes the son of Safar. He tossed the heads of Kala's men. The immense anger of revenge was burning in his eyes. At first the people were not ready to stand by his side, but when they came to know who he really is, they got surprised. Movie closes to the climax, Salim & Bhairavi got murdered on their very first night of marriage. Now it's all up to Sameer Ali. So what's the fate Awaiting Kala? Watch the super action movie "Arabia" and reveal it.Directed by - JayarajProduced by - Babu thiruvalla,Rajan manakkalathu,GeorgeWriter - JayarajStarring - Babu Antony ,Madhupal ,Hakkeem ,VK Sreeraman ,Charmila ,Anusha & others.Recommended channels and play list-------------------------------------------------------------WATCH MALAYALAM MOVIES ONLINE @http://hotnsourmoviechannel.comWATCH MORE MALAYALAM MOVIES @ MALAYALAM COMEDY @ MALAYALAM KIDSTV @

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