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Title: Aashiqui.In | Full Movie in HD (With English Subtitles)

Added on: 2017-02-28 03:00:00 Total Views: 10,109

Description: Video details - rQI5rIwHpdY : Cyrus (Ishaan Manhaas) is a college swim champ who has difficulty in setting his future. He aspires to becoming a writer, but as his father (Kamal Malik) wishes him to take his swimming skills to a national level, Cyrus hides his aspirations so as not disappoint his dad. Though popular in college, he feels out of place and seeks someone who can really understand him.When a child, April (Ankita Shrivastava) lived an idyllic lifestyle with her widowed restaurant-owner father (Amit Dhamija). He remarries Mona (Sharmila Joshi), who herself has two daughters, Saniya (Shubhi Ahuja) and Taniya (Priti Gandwani). Soon after the marriage, April's father passes away, and her stepmother and step sisters begin to treat her like a servant. Years later, and even while burdened by domestic duties, April manages to attend college and keep a part-time job to earn pocket money. Her only confidant is her childhood friend Raj (Dheeraj Miglani).Cyrus and April meet anonymously online, becoming close without revealing their real-world identities. When they finally decide for a real-world meeting, April is able to discover Cyrus' true identity beforehand, but he does not know hers. Feeling that he is too good for her, April avoids committing to a meeting. Cyr

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