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Title: Latest hollywood movie in Hindi dubbed New Hollywood movies in Hindi 2017

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Description: Video details - rqwaaKd-xUw : Amazon affiliate marketing DSLR camera note 4 10% off Cash back hindi dubbed 2017Hollywood hindi dubbed movies 2016Hollywood hindi dubbed movies 2017After another year, Arthur inadvertently reveals the truth to Aurora after misinterpreting Jim's affirmation that he and Aurora have "no secrets" between them. Aurora, angry and distraught, alternately berates, shuns, and physically attacks Jim. Jim attempts to apologize, but is fiercely rejected. The two refrain from contact for some time. Soon after, another pod failure awakens Gus (Laurence Fishburne), Chief Deck Officer. The three discover multiple failures throughout the ship's systems. If not repaired, the ship will continue to suffer critical system failures. Gus attempts repairs with Jim and Aurora's help, while Aurora still blames Jim for stealing her life. Gus's body, physically damaged by his malfunctioning pod, begins to fail; the Autodoc, an automated medical diagnostics and treatment pod, shows he has only hours to live. Before dying, Gus gives Jim and Aurora his ID badge to access secure areas and repair the ship.Jim and Aurora discover a series of holes through the ship's hull from the meteor collision two years earlier. The computer module administering the fusion reactor that powers the ship has been damaged, causing the ship's malfunctions. Jim and Aurora replace the damaged module. The computer attempts to vent the reactor but fails. Jim realizes that the reactor must be vented by opening the vent hatch from the ship's exterior. Aurora assists while admitting she is terrified of losing Jim and being left alone. Aurora, from inside the ship, and Jim, outside, vent the reactor. Jim's tether snaps and his damaged spacesuit loses oxygen; Aurora retrieves and resuscitates Jim in the Autodoc. Jim later learns that the Autodoc can function as a makeshift hibernation pod for Aurora. With only one Autodoc, she realizes she would never see Jim again.Eighty-eight years later, the ship's crew awaken shortly before arrival on Homestead II. They discover a small house amid lush vegetation on the ship's grand concourse area. Aurora's book reveals that she chose to stay awake with Jim and finish writing her story.The original script for Passengers was written by Jon Spaihts in 2007, and had been in development hell for years.[6] At one point, the film was set to star Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt,[7] with the production budget being a relatively low $35 million.[8] Brian Kirk was originally scheduled to make his feature directorial debut with the film, with Reeves in the lead.[9][10] On December 5, 2014, it was announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment had won the rights to the film.[11]

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