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Title: Manmatha Leelai Tamil Full Movie | Kamal Haasan | Jayaprada | K Balachander | MSV | Pyramid Movies

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Description: Video details - jYMQvwzgl6Y : Manmatha Leelai Tamil Full Movie featuring Kamal Haasan and Jayaprada on Pyramid Movies. K. Balachander directed the hit movie and MS Viswanathan composed music. Manmadha Leelai Movie also stars Halam, YG Mahendran, Y Vijaya and Radha Ravi among others. The film is produced by PR Govindarajan and J Duraiswamy.The movie was dubbed into Telugu as Manmadha Leela.The film explores the life journey of a womanizer Madhu (Kamal Hassan) who is married to Rekha (Halam). Kamal Haasan's affairs have no limit that include married women. Click here to watch :Ezhai Jaathi Tamil Full Movie : Haasan Old Tamil Movies : Ratnam Superhit Tamil Movies : Hits - Tamil Movies : all the latest updates :

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