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Title: Mohammed Bin Tughlaq | Full Tamil Movie | Cho, Manorama

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Description: Video details - a2-IjnYHy7E : Muhammad bin Thughlaq is a 1971 Indian Tamil language cringe comedy film directed and written by Cho Ramaswamy. starring Cho and Manorama in the lead role.Thathachari (Neelu) narrates a small anecdote of Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq emphasizing on how the king had an arrogant attitude, indifferent view towards his kingdom and subjects, how he treated his guests and also the kind of plans he introduced that backfired. When his son Rangachari (Rajagopal) goes on a mission to research on Tughluq, he finds a buried coffin that contains Thugluq (Cho), and his accomplice Ibn Batuta(Peeli Sivam) alive inside. They claim that they are the true Thugluq and Batuta buried several centuries ago along with a herb that has protected them and kept them alive until 1968 A.D. (the present day of the film)Thugluq becomes a national sensation and is welcomed in all grandeur to Rangachari's house. He is interviewed by many newspaper journalists to whom he answers in a very sarcastic attitude. He learns the changes of the past centuries in almost four days and mocks that the advancements are no more than four days' advancement. He decides to contest in elections to become the Prime Minister of India. In his good faith, Thanikachalam, an old freedom fighter, and his daughter Gandhimadhi (Manorama) volunteer to help taking part in his political rallies. In his political campaigns, Thughluq makes a mockery of all of the other politician contenstants (in turn mocking the politicians of real life) and in a satiric tone asking the people to vote for him.

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