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Description: Video details - oypGpE8omaI : Help me on my next film projects! Just go to Indiegogo through the link below. Copy/ budget indie film:Synopsis:It's only days before the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. Walker Gillespie is a psychologist listening to the sex lives and tragedies of his Michigan Avenue clientele. A tempestuous affair with a beautiful and mysterious woman named Michel Ifill takes an unexpected turn when Michel takes a trip to New York for undisclosed reasons and falls victim to the horrendous events of 9/11!In the midst of his dark grief Gillespie gets a frantic call from a woman who insists Michel was murdered at the World Trade Center only moments before the planes hit!Gillespie begins to investigate her claims and the dangerous search leads him into a shadowy realm where government and corporate intrigue intersect!Starring:Christian Castro, Danielle Doetsch, Jessica DuPlessis, Michael Martin, Craig Sunderlin, Jason Kwidzinski, Malina Phetchanpheng and Hanna Caven.

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