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Title: Priyamaina Neeku Full Length Telugu Movie

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Description: Video details - akJWfneE5Iw : Priyamaina Neeku Full Length Telugu MovieWatch more movies @ Priyamaina Neeku (2001),Cast : Tarun, Sneha, Preetha Vijaykumar,Story, Screenplay & Direction: Bala Sekharan,Music: SA Raj Kumar,Producer: RB Chowdary,Genre: Love,Theatrical Release Date: 21st February 2001.Songs List:Nachenura Nachenura Manasuna Unnadi Mastu Mastu Veyi Janmalu Nelanadiga Puvvulanadiga Manasuna Unnadi (Male) StoryGanesh (Tarun) is a carefree college youth whose life revolves around friends and doing good deeds for them and upsetting his father (Bharani). One day he fumbles upon a Red diary in his father's auction shop. It is a dairy left behind unknowingly by Sandhya (Sneha).The entire first half is narrated through the diary in this film. Sandhya is staying in the house opposite to that of Aishwarya (Jhansi), who is the sister of Ganesh. She falls in love with Ganesh after listening to his melodious guitar play. But Ganesh is unaware of her love and he never uses to interact with her. She is also a shy girl, who never let Ganesh know about her feelings. Sirisha (Preethi) is the younger sister of Sandhya, who is studying in a hostel. When she comes home for holidays, she gets jealous of Sandhya for loving Ganesh and she wanted to grab him from her. Sirishna assures Sandhya that she will liaison the love of Sandhya between Ganesh and Sandhya and plays a double game by playing tricks on Ganesh to attract him. Meantime, the father of Sandhya and Sirisha gets transferred to Vizag. Sandhya asks Sirisha to tell Sandhya's love to Ganesh. Sirishna proposes to Ganesh and gets rejected. Sandhya, who witnessed the entired episode secretly, feels cheated by the betrayal of her own sister. At the same time, Sandhya stays away from proposing to Ganesh for the fear of rejection. The family of Sandhya moves to Vizag. In the transfer process her diary gets misplaced.After knowing that Sandhya is her secret admirer, Ganesh recognizes the purity in her love and wants to meet her and propose his love to her. He jets off to Vizag along with his friend Chacha (Venu Madhav). There he finds a mutual friend Raghu (Sivaji) and stays in his house. Raghu is a rich bachelor, who is staying with their parents and is very good at heart. As Ganesh explores his secret mission of finding Sandhya, Raghu gets engaged to the unwilling Sandhya. Later on Raghu comes to know that Ganesh is there to search his silent admirer.Ganesh know that Raghu is marrying Sandhya. Being a good friend, he does not want to betray him. Sandhya has agreed to marriage since she does not want to make the things worse for her father and sister. But she still loves Ganesh. Sirisha wants to amend the mistake she has done. She searches for Ganesh to unite them. Things are still unsure and hazy as Sandhya and Ganesh are going to tie the knot in a few minutes. You have to watch this slow paced different love story if you want to know the climax.

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