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Title: Tamil Hit Full Movie | GNANAPARAVAI | Sivaji Ganesan,Sasikala & Manorama

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Description: Video details - wBmlUBpTSBc : Gnana Paravai is a 1991 Tamil supernatural film directed by Vietnam Veedu Sundaram. The film features Sivaji Ganesan, Harish Kumar, Sasikala and Manorama in lead roles. The film, produced by R. Dhanaphalan, had musical score by M. S. Viswanathan and was released on 11 January 1991. The film is about an old man Sivaji (Sivaji Ganesan) who can know the character and the future of a person by just looking in eyes. Giri (Harish Kumar) is a rich student who spends lot of money for his friends. He falls in love with Sivaji's daughter Aruna but Aruna rejects him and humiliates him. Giri decides to not give up. Later, Aruna and her friend Rajeswari (Sasikala) go to a picnic with their classmates. Giri's friend Aandavar (K. S. Raghuram) doesn't want to see Giri and Aruna together, for fear that Giri won't anymore spend money for self-interest. Later, Giri and Aandavar plan to humiliated Aruna. Aruna is blamed to be a nymphomaniac, to prove the contrary the innocent girl commits suicide. The hatred intensifies between Giri and Rajeswari. In the meantime, Rajeswari's brother-in-law Dinesh (Rajasekhar) burns Rajeswari's sister and wants to marry Rajeswari. Finally, Sivaji and Giri come to her rescue.☟REACH US ONWeb :

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