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There is a small joke going around social media circles for the past few weeks involving the strange border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You may have seen it a hundred times already, but here it is anyway: As you can see from the map, Croatia is located mostly north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but a long stretch of the former borders the Adriatic Sea blocking nearly all of the othe Read More »
American Photographer Johnny Miller became interested in social inequality and segregation when he moved to Cape Town, in South Africa. The country has barely recovered from apartheid, which although officially ended a quarter of century ago, traces of the racial segregation in the form of roads, rivers, “buffer zones” of empty land, and other barriers still exist separating the rich from the poo Read More »
Sometimes a company or a government issues bonds that never mature. They are called perpetual bond, and as the name suggests, they remain in force for as long as the issuer wishes to. This allows the bond holder to reap benefits for long periods. While perpetual bonds sound like great long-term investment instruments, they are not. The only party that benefits from this kind of an arrangement is Read More »
After three years of bloody conflict that saw three million people dead, the two neighboring countries, North and South Korea, entered into an armistice in 1953 agreeing to end all hostilities of the Korean War but never quite agreeing to peace. As a result, the border between the two countries is still one of the most heavily armed regions in the world enclosed by barbed wire fences and dotted b Read More »
The 900-day Siege of Leningrad during the Second World War was perhaps one of the most gruesome sieges in modern history. Hitler’s diabolic plan was to choke all food supply routes to the city of two million residents and let nature do the dirty work. “Leningrad must die of starvation”, Hitler declared in a speech at Munich on November 8, 1941. The following winter, hundreds of thousands starved Read More »
The execution of Oliver Cromwell, Henry Ireton and John Bradshaw in 1661, from a contemporary engraving. Oliver Cromwell, the 1st ruler of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, was born in Huntington, Cambridge on April 25, 1599. He died on September 3, 1658, from sepsis following a urinary infection. And he was executed on January 30, 1661—more than two years after his natural dea Read More »
On the banks of the Bedale Beck, in the small market town of Bedale in North Yorkshire, stands one of the most unusual historic buildings in the whole of UK. Between the late 18th and the early 19th century, this small brick building was used to store medicinal leeches used by local doctors for bloodletting, a common procedure for treating a variety of ailments. The local apothecary kept leeches Read More »
Where London is situated today was once the floodplains of the river Thames, surrounded by gently rolling hills and valleys carved by the river itself and its innumerable tributaries. London originally began on the Thames' north bank and for many centuries London Bridge was the only bridge over the Thames close to the city. But as the city grew, the marshlands and streams feeding the Thames b Read More »
The Natchez City Cemetery in Adams County, Mississippi, is home to several unusual tombstones. There is one called the “Turning Angel”, which is a statue of an angel that’s carved such a way so as to form an optical illusion. When approaching the statue from the correct angle, the angel appears to turn towards the visitor. There is also a large three-tier tombstone whose rather large size is acco Read More »
Wedged between Poland and Lithuania, along the Baltic Coast, is a piece of Russia located 200 miles away from the Russian border. The Kaliningrad oblast, an exclave of Russia, was originally a Prussian state before it was transferred over to the Soviet Union after the end of the Second World War when the Allied powers met at Potsdam to decide who gets which territory. Back then Kaliningrad was kn Read More »
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