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Burano is an island in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, just 40 minutes away from Venice by boat. Burano is an old fishing village, and the fishing traditions of Burano date back to Roman time. The island is famous for the art of lace making and its bright multicolored houses.

Burano was founded by the Romans who fled the city of Altino during the Barbarian invasions, and named it after one of the gates of the former city. The first houses of Burano were build on palafittes, with walls made of woven canes and afterwards plastered with mud. Later these raw houses were replaced by houses made of bricks and the inhabitants began painting them with bright colors. The origin of the colors is unknown but the story goes that years ago, when the fishermen returned from the sea, they couldn’t recognize their homes through the fog, so they started painting them with different colors.


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