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Bird Island is located at the south-western tip of North Carolina, in USA, adjacent to the coastal resort town of Sunset Beach. On this 1,300 acre, pristine, uninhabited state preserve, stands a solitary mailbox with the words “Kindred Spirit” painted on its side. Inside the mailbox is a journal that is filled with letters, personal stories, bits of wisdom, and prayers left behind by thousands of anonymous travellers who have taken the 1.5 mile walk to leave these letters and read what others have left at the Kindred Spirit mailbox. An empty wooden park bench sits just in front of the Kindred Spirit mailbox, with a perfect view of the ocean, offering visitors a seat to relax and read the stories and share their own.

The mailbox was installed by Frank Nesmith and his former girlfriend in this remote location more than 35 years ago. They left a notebook inside, hoping people would leave messages. But they never dreamed it would be so successful.


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