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You might not know this, but Mozambique is one of the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Its wild beauty and untamed nature has been drawing visitors since its pre-independence days. Back then, when Mozambique was still under Portuguese rule, the Mediterranean climate of the country’s coastal towns attracted many affluent tourists from Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe), South Africa, Portugal and its colonies.

The city of Beira, by the Indian Ocean, although an important port city of the region and currently Mozambique’s third largest city, was never a prime destination. Visitors instead preferred the Bazaruto Archipelago, located nearby, which has beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Yet, Portuguese developers believed that if they could open a magnificent hotel in Beira overlooking the Indian Ocean and the mouth of the Buzi River, they could easily turn the city into an attractive tourist spot.


Photo credit: Fellipe Abreu

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