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A UK-based furniture company called Full Grown, started by furniture designer Gavin Munro, doesn’t take wood and make them into furniture. They grow them on trees. Their bizarre furniture farm is located in a one-hectare field in Wirksworth, about 24 km north of Derby, where Mr. Munro is currently growing rows upon rows of tables, chairs and lampshades which he hopes to harvest in a couple of years.

Mr. Munro’s technique lies in coaxing the young saplings of willow, oak, ash and sycamore trees to take the shape of any furniture by training them to grow along predefined routes. This is achieved by using plastic moulds and through years of pruning, coppicing and grafting. The final product is either a chair or a table or a lampshade that has been grown out of a single, solid, joint-less piece of wood.

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