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The last few days, Bollywood has witnessed many a battleground wrt to the most overused term of this year: 'intolerance'. And the two Khans who were at the centre of the controversy were Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

But, this news is not their take on intolerance. Instead, the news is about their respective production houses (Aamir Khan- Aamir Khan Productions and Shah Rukh Khan- Red Chillies respectively), which have been named amongst 110 production houses who have not paid their Professional Tax to the state government. These revelations apparently got revealed, courtesy, a Right To Information (RTI) query that was filed by RTI activist Manoranjan Roy. He had lodged a complaint against 110 production houses with the Sales Tax office in Mumbai.

News reports state that, besides Red Chillies Entertainment and Aamir Khan Productions, the other production houses who have been named in the report include Sanjay Leela Bhansali Pvt Ltd, Vinod Khanna Productions, John Abraham Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Yashraj Films, Rajshri Productions Pvt Ltd, BR Films Productions, Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Ltd, Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Pvt Ltd and others.

Readers may note that, as per the Maharashtra Professional Tax Act-1975, the Professional Tax is applicable on a person or a partnership firm, company, body of individual and association of persons who have effective earning in the state and in accordance with the present tax slab, any employee who is earning between Rs. 7,500 and 10,000 per month, should be paying Rs. 175 per month as Professional Tax. On the other hand, those employees, who are earning more than Rs. 10,000 per month, he/ she needs to pay Rs 200 as Professional Tax.

Watch this space for developments.


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