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If you thought that problems related to water and electricity is for aam junta only, you are majorly wrong this time. Our favourite stars can be affected by these problems too.

As per reports, residents of the elite Juhu area (Mumbai) are suffering a case of contaminated water supply these days. When enquired about the reason of contamination, people said that there is supposedly a major sewage leak in the main water pipes.

Dharmendra and Ajay Devgn

Dharmendra and Ajay Devgn

The leak has caused in numerous cases of people falling ill in the area and waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and viral flu. Even our celebs have been falling prey to this. There are reports of panic in the Deol’s and Devgn’s house due to their family members falling ill. Not just that, hospitalization of some of their neighbours has been stressing them as well.

Though the repairing or replacement of the pipes is in the process, we pray for the better health of our stars!

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