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It's a well known contemporary trend that no film is complete without any controversy lurking around. However, considering the way PK maintained the nonchalant plot of an alien landing on earth, everyone was of the belief that the film will stay away from major controversies. But quite contradictory to that, there has been a sort of battle on Twitter among religious guardians and the modern youth over the way PK commented on religion.

In fact, many people have felt offended over certain scenes in the film, like Aamir Khan in his search of God going to shrines of different religions and mixing up the rituals and Aamir chasing an actor dressed like Lord Shiva. Hence some of people who saw the film have taken to Twitter to boycott the film and have been trending #BoycottPK on the micro-blogging site. Let's take a look at some of them who seem mighty upset with the Aamir Khan starrer:

Nagmani Solanki: @RajkumarHirani didn't make a scene in the Masjid for @aamir_khan #BoycottPK

Jayesh: Any Hindu who has little of self respect should not watch this filthy movie PK #BoycottPK

Sagar Khandelwal: A true muslim can never insult other religion and their God therefore it shows that @aamir_khan is not a true muslim. #BoycottPK

Gaurav: Aamir in PK: Jo darta hai woh mandir jaata hai. Aamir went to Haj in 2012. Would he dare use the same language for Haj. #BoycottPK

On the other hand, a few of others who have liked PK have expressed their strong support towards the film and have been trending #WeSupportPK on Twitter.

Vinita Tanwani: ? Boycotting pk is just a way to create #discrimination among ppl #WeSupportPK

Saloni: We r not ready 4 eye-opener like PK, bcz it shows drawback of 1 religion only. Wow We deserve Himmatwala n Humshakals only. #WeSupportPK

Yashodhan: #BoycottPK seems like an overreaction. #PKTheFilm seems to have taken pains to include all major religions to appear neutral.

Pranav Joshi: ?Protesting against P.K, Hindutva trolls? Height of idiocy. Jobless freaks. Slime. #WeSupportPK

Directed by Raj Kumar Hirani and produced by him in association with Vidhu Vinod Chopra and UTV, PK also stars Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput in prominent roles.


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