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Jacqueline Fernandez takes up the cause of Marine Conservation

Time and again, Jacqueline Fernandez has expressed her concerns regarding animal welfare and has often supported several campaigns related to them. The actress has now decided to take up yet another social cause and it is for marine conservation.

Jacqueline Fernandez plans to lend support to the environmental cause in order to save marine life. She is someone who loves the sea and visiting beaches. She will now be spreading awareness on marine conservation. The thought of marine conservation has always been up on her mind and the actress is looking forward to creating awareness on the cause.

Says Jacqueline, “Around the world, marine ecosystems are being threatened, degraded, damaged or destroyed by human activities, one of which is pollution. Taking a stroll along any beach or a ride on a ferry, one will get an idea of just how much litter is floating around in the form of the sand strewn with plastic bottles, fish boxes, light bulbs, flip-flops, scraps of fishing net or timber. The scene is the same all over the world, for the seas are full of garbage.”

Talking about her own experience Jacqueline Fernandez adds, “I've witnessed this many times on the ferry to Alibaug or to Madh Island and it's an extremely disheartening sight. I really feel we need to educate people and spread awareness on marine conservation.”

At the same time she also provided a solution saying, “We can start with the smallest of steps to contribute towards marine conservation, like restricting or reducing our use of plastic products as plastic end up as ocean debris contributing to habitat destruction and entangling and killing tens of thousands of marine animals each year. We can also help by not littering beaches and waterways, disposing off waste in an environmentally safe way and reusing and recycling whenever possible."

On the Bollywood front, Jacqueline Fernandez is sure having a good year with much talked about projects in her kitty that includes Tarun Mansukhani's next Drive, opposite Sushant Singh Rajput, Reload opposite Sidharth Malhotra and Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan and Taapsee Pannu.


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