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Its transformation time for Kareena Kapoor. The actress who has so far not done too many makeover characters is all set to get into the skin of her character in Rohit Shetty's Singham 2.

The role is that of a middleclass Maharashtrian woman opposite her cop-hero Ajay Devgn and would require Kareena not only to dress but also talk like a typical Maharashtrian woman from the suburbs.

Says a source, "The character of Devgn's love-interest in the first Singham film was sketchy. She was loud but at the fringes of the plot. In Singham 2, the female protagonist is pivotal to the plot. Rohit Shetty re-wrote the role after Kareena agreed to do it."

Apparently, the character would be shown breaking into fluent fast-flowing Marathi in her excitable moments. Says the source, "Kareena knows a smattering of Marathi but for the part in Singham 2, she will practice the Marathi with her Maharashtrian friends."

Kareena, just back from 2-week long vacation in Gstaad with her husband Saif says, "Would you believe it, I've never played a Maharashtrian before. I am really looking forward it. I know Rohit Shetty will make sure my character comes out right."

Kareena starts shooting for Singham 2 in March.

Prominent non-Maharashtrian actresses who have played Maharashtrian characters:

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