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PadMan saw steady increments on Saturday and Sunday as collections grew from where they were on Friday (10.26 crore). The movie has collected 16.11 crores on its 1st Sunday. The weekend numbers currently stand at 40.05 crores and these are fine enough for a film which has a totally unconventional subject.

The very fact that there has been growth means audiences are warming up to the film and the positive word of mouth is on an upswing. What has to be seen though is that how much further do these positive words travel from this point on. PadMan is a kind of film that has the potential to sustain well on the weekdays, considering its women-friendly subject. If females come out in hordes in days to come, anything is possible.

Box Office - PadMan grows over good word of mouth, should sustain well during weekdaysPadMan Box Office: Crosses 40 Crore Mark At The Box Office!

The question being asked though is, whether Akshay Kumar would score yet another 100 Crore Club success. For that the film would need to collect 25-30 crore more between Monday and Thursday. This translates to an average of 6-7 crore on a per day basis which means sustainability would be the key.


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*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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