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Ever since the time Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan named their baby as Taimur, the innocent one has been surrounded with controversies galore over his name. The hatred towards the new-born child did not even spare his grand uncle Rishi Kapoor, who was trolled about the same.

Recently, in an interview to a leading tabloid, Saif Ali Khan spoke at length about Taimur amongst other things. Saif Ali Khan said that the kind of drama over Taimur was totally unnecessary and that he felt that he didn't have to say anything because a lot of people had spoken wisely and liberally. He added that, to the ones who had raised some objections (over the name Taimur), there were others who had spoken on his behalf. Saif also emphasised on the fact that, he felt quite confident that we did not live in a right-wing society as yet and that India was still liberal and people were still open minded. He also clarified that, the idea behind naming his son as Taimur was never to offend anyone and that, his wife and he loved the sound of the name and they loved its meaning. Saif Ali Khan also added, while he was aware of the heritage of the Turkish ruler Timur, his son’s name Taimur is an ancient Persian name that meant iron.

Readers may recall that, much before the Taimur controversy, Saif Ali Khan was embroiled in yet another controversy of ‘love jihaad’ since he got married to Kareena Kapoor. Recalling that, Saif Ali Khan said that, if the people got worked up about ‘love jihad’ or over a name, it was their right.

On a lighter note, Saif Ali Khan said that, just like in films, he too should have added a disclaimer to his son’s name stating ‘any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental’.


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