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Radhika Apte is summer ready; looks hot in a Swimwear

Suddenly, it's summer with a vengeance (and it's only March). Some of us are totally prepared - when we say 'us,' we mean actress Radhika Apte, who has been modelling Tommy Hilfiger swimsuits on her Instagram. She apparently begins summer mornings with a swim. That's what Radhika said - "Summer morning dips seem to be the routine." We're guessing the post is pre-dip, given the non-wetness of her hair. But we digress. Look at her cool two piece from Tommy Hilfiger. More coverage than a bikini without sacrificing style - and the bonus: absolutely no chance of a malfunction on the beach or in the water. If sporty chic is your style, this swimsuit is for you.

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Post by Sanjana


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