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Jennifer Aniston only wants the simplest things for her birthday.

The 'Horrible Bosses' star's husband Justin Theroux thinks he always overcomplicates his gifts for his wife and has "given up" buying her jewellery or clothes as she already has all she needs.

He told Extra: "It's always a critical moment because I have Christmas, her birthday and Valentine's Day in pretty short order, so I start shopping in November.

"It's usually something that is the easiest thing in the world - a snuggie. Or I'll figure out something like that, something fun. I've given up on mass pieces of jewellery or clothes. She's got all that. It's usually something like an amazing pair of flip-flops, something she can get cosy with."

Meanwhile, Justin previously confessed he bought Jennifer a piñata for her birthday last month but didn't put any sweets in it because she doesn't eat candy.

He added: "[Cabo San Lucas] is a great spot because it's close to LA. You can dip over there and dip back. We do special things. I did a little night for her birthday where we went to a special dinner and had a piñata. Actually, we didn't put anything in the piñata. We had a piñata and didn't end up smashing it. What are you going to put in it? Kale? She doesn't eat candy!"

And the 45-year-old actor previously confessed he doesn't mind being called "Mr Jennifer Aniston" because his wife is a "proper badass".

He said: "It doesn't really get under my skin. It's just one of those things that's a shorthand for describing who I am.

"[Jennifer] is a proper badass. She has lived through a lot of bulls**t. Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses that have been put on her. I'm very proud of her for that, for the way she handles herself. So in a weird way, it's an honour to stand behind her. Truly, in that sense, she's amazing."


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