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Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story began with a $65.0 million overseas opening weekend, as part of a $148.3 million global opening.

This comes in far below the openings of other recent Star Wars films:

2017’s The Last Jedi: $230.8M overseas opening (10th all time), $450.8M global opening (6th all time)
2016’s Rogue One: $135.0M overseas opening (45th all time), $290.0M global opening  (27th all time)
2015’s The Force Awakens: $281.0M overseas opening (5th all time), $529.0M global opening (3rd all time)

By contrast, Solo falls entirely outside the top 100 overseas openings ever, while barely cracking that tier as the #96 best global opening ever.

The biggest sticking point was China, the world’s largest non-U.S. film market, where the title only opened to $10.1 million. By comparison, Last Jedi opened to $28.1M en route to $42.5M, Rogue One opened to $39.0M there en route to $69.4M total, and Force Awakens opened to $52.3M en route to $124.1M. Solo seems likely to end up with a fraction of those amounts in China.

The Star Wars franchise has been less reliant on overseas grosses as a percentage of its global total than many of this decade’s other biggest movie franchises, such as Avengers, Transformers, or Fast and the Furious.

For example, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story earned 49.6 percent overseas, Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned 54.7 percent, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi earned 53.5 percent. That’s less than the 60 percent or higher that most other blockbusters take in from overseas.

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