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Friday Update: Warner Bros. reports this morning that The Nun earned $5.4 million from last night’s first shows, becoming the top opening night gross among all five films in the Conjuring universe. Here’s how the latest chapter’s earnings stack up against similar films:

26 percent ahead of A Quiet Place ($4.3 million)
35 percent ahead of Annabelle: Creation ($4.0 million)
59 percent ahead of The Conjuring 2 ($3.4 million)
157 percent ahead of Annabelle ($2.1 million)
63 percent ahead of The Conjuring ($3.31 million)

Direct comparisons are limited at this point due to the September release and front-loading potential as a fan-favorite franchise, but if The Nun plays out with similar Thursday-to-weekend ratios as Annabelle: Creation and It did last year, an opening weekend between $45-50 million remains in play.

Meanwhile, Peppermint opened to $800k for STX last night, coming in 23 percent ahead of Death Wish ($650k) and 3 percent ahead of the studio’s own The Foreigner ($775k). Opening weekend expectations remain in line with previous forecasts.

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