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Title: Повелитель снов - Эротический Захватчик / Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader - Erotic Movie

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Description: Video details - VKpZPt08_cA : SEX EROTIC & DATINGПовелитель снов - Эротический Захватчик / Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader Erotic MovieГод производства: 1996 г.Страна: USApicЖанр: EroticПродолжительность: 01:25:18Язык: АнглийскийРежиссер: Jackie GarthСтудия: Twilight MoviesВ ролях: Lisa Boyle, Patrick Ahern, Kristen Knittle, Timothy Di Pri, Mark Sherman, Patricia Skeriotis, Teresa Politi, Jennifer Barnes, David Ranker, Robbie FrenchОписание: Aside from the sex it has a cool story. I loved watching Lisa Boyle. But anyways this film did need some better acting. I mean if a women that was trying to get into your nightmares and dreams what would you do. I wouldn't turn to people for help Anyways the best part I liked is when Grant thinks that he is having sex with Septemeber he is acutlly having sex with Devora.

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