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Title: 7 Grandmasters

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Description: Video details - x2zi52t : Del Weston's World Of Martial Arts (2004) 150 minutes ~ Color / Documentary / Martial Arts / Instructional

The Martial Arts as you have never seen them before. Masters from 20 different disciplines show you what they know, teaching you how their moves work and why. Tai Chi; Kenpo; Ground fighting; Judo; Shotokan; Karate; Ju Jitsu; Kickboxing; Jun Bao; Wing Chun; Kung Fu and much more explained. Five 30 minute incredible episodes to entertain teach and show the real arts from the real masters.

Men like Grandmaster Ibrao, Master Frank Trejo Urquidez, Satch Williams, Randy Shields, Eric Chen, Chinese Wu Shu Team, Groundfighter Tim Piering, Body Builder Lou Greenberg, Judo Master Robert Wong and many more.

Director: Del Weston

Stars: Grandmaster James Ibrao, Master Frank Trejo Urguidez

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