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Title: Doraemon Hindi MOVIE Doraemon The Movie Jadooi Tapu Full HD

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Description: Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu is an upcoming bollywood movie. It was also released in Indian Cinemas on 24 May 2013 and on television on 29 June 2013 on Disney Channel India and 2 October 2013 on Hungama TV as Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu. This dubbed from 2012 anime film - Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles ~Animal Adventure~ Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Jadooi Tapu is a 2013 Hindi animated film based on the popular manga and anime series Doraemon. The film was released in Japan on March 3, 2012. A video game based on this film was released for Nintendo 3DS on March 1, 2012. It was released in India Nobita catches a big rhinoceros beetle, which he promises to his dad to take good care of it. Later, Doraemon's group finds a strange island where a tribe co-exists with prehistoric creatures that were thought to be completely extinct. They find that a mythical beetle spirit, Golden Hercules, was protecting this island, giving it the powers to sustain the life of prehistoric species. Yet, the group has to deal with a group of criminals from the future, who wants to possess the spirit for money and power.

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