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Title: Fun Ka Tadka (2016) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Ravi Teja, Ileana Dcruz

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Description: Video details - L_d1Qe1UC5I : The movie opens with Lord Vishnu trying to pacify Lakshmi Devi , who is quite disappointed after listening to words of Narada that Lord Vishnu didn't gave any present to Lakshmi Devi on the eve of her Birthday. Lord Vishnu shows a love story between 2 orphans Ravi Teja, a settlement broker in Hyderabad and Ileana, a taxi driver living in Bangkok. Panileni Papayya sits at a shop, eats a banana & throws the peel on the road. Using the peel, Lakshmi Devi creates a small problem which leads C.I. Subbaraju killing Sandy, a trusted goon of the absent-minded Don Prakash Raj of Bangkok. Thus to settle the problem between the two, Ravi Teja goes to Bangkok. At the airport, a taxi driver Goli steals the bag of Ravi Teja which has his belongings including passport. He chases him in Ileana's cab but his efforts are in vain. Feeling bad upon learning he is an orphan like her, Ileana invites Ravi Teja to her home. Next day he finds Goli, who is a die-hard devotee of Lakshmi Devi and meets Prakash Raj through him and settles the problem. Prakash Raj, who lusts after Ileana, asks Ravi Teja to send Ileana for a night. He bashes his entire team and runs to Ileana who is already in love with him. Both quarrel and get separated. Unhappy with the turn of events, Lakshmi Devi goes into the past and makes Papayya throw the Banana peel into a dust bin instead on the road. Due to this the story turns like this: Sandy is caught red-handed by Subbaraju and Sandy is sent to jail. As Sandy is a trusted goon and has all the information regarding his activities, Prakash Raj is furious and wants Sandy released. Ravi Teja is appointed by Prakash Raj's henchmen to strike a deal between Subbaraju and Prakash Raj. Both Ravi Teja and Subbaraju go to Bangkok. At the airport he sees Ileana for the first time and falls in love with her, due to which he refuses to sit in the taxi of Goli and sits in her taxi. Meanwhile Prakash Raj's men chase them in Goli's Taxi. During the chase, Subbaraju, Ravi Teja and Ileana are safe but their taxi is destroyed. After a long argument, Ravi Teja promises to buy a taxi when the deal is over and stay at Ileana's house as Subbaraju is injured. Meanwhile Ravi Teja flirts with Ileana which infuriates her. Both go to Prakash Raj and settle the problem for 2 crore. Prakash Raj sees his sister in Ileana and is ready to do anything for her. Ileana accepts him as her brother. Meanwhile Ravi Teja proposes to Ileana to which she accepts happily. At the time of closing of deal, Prakash Raj brings the 20 million but Subbaraju comes with Police. Meanwhile Ravi Teja & Ileana quarrel but both hug each other, expressing their love. Finally after a fight sequence, Ravi Teja & Ileana are shown to live a happy life & Prakash Raj is a member of their family who would return to their home after six months of imprisonment. The whole story is seen by Lakshmi Devi and Lord Vishnu is successful in making her happy.

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