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Title: Hallow's End | Hollywood Romantic Horror | Kamamtho | Telugu Dubbed Hot Horrific Movie | 2016

Added on: 2016-10-08 19:00:25 Total Views: 11,468

Description: Video details - 7nYxiIzC9As : Watch Hallow's End | Hollywood Romantic Horror | Kamamtho | Telugu Dubbed Hot Horrific Movie | 2016SYNOPSIS:Eight college students become trapped in an Annual Haunted House when an ancient spell turns them into their Halloween costumes. By night's end, a group of survivors will have to take one final stand against ghouls, ghosts, zombies and vampires.PLOT:A group of fraternity brothers and their girlfriends are holding a Haunted House to raise some money. Local farmer "Pumpkin Jack" wants to help out, and brings a box of props for them to use. Little do they know, the goodies he brought include a book of witch's chants and a cursed jack-lantern among other items. While everyone is setting up for the haunted evening, one girl gets busy reading passages aloud from the book, which in horror movies is usually not a good thing. As the evening progresses, one by one the guys and girls dressed up in scary outfits start to become the creatures they're dressed up as. Dracula turns into an actual vampire and tries to bite people's necks. The zombie becomes a zombie and wants to eat the brains of his friends, and a bitchy girl turns into a witchy woman.To Watch More Follow Us On,

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