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Title: Hollywood - Full Length Telugu Movie - Upendra - Felicity Mayson - 02

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Description: Video details - 6kzC6NQA0Es : Movie : Hollywood Telugu. Surendra (Upendra) and Upendra (Upendra) are identical twins. Surendra is a research scientist in Los Angeles working with an old professor (Anant Nag). Upendra, a filmmaker from India, lives with his brother Surendra. Upendra's aim to is make an Oscar winning Hollywood film. They have a beautiful blond neighbor called Manisha (Felicity) who is an American Indian. Surendra is a shy guy and Upendra is a dashing guy. Surendra admires Manisha, but Manisha likes Upendra for his vigor.Depressed Surendra tells his professor about his problem. Then the professor creates a robot which looks and acts like Upendra. That robot acts the way Manisha wants it to be and makes Manisha fall in love with Surendra. The professor's idea is to destroy the robot once Manisha falls in love with Surendra. In the process, the robot becomes selfish and it wants to remain as lover of Manisha. The robot starts misbehaving and tries to suppress Surendra. To counter this robot, the professor creates a look-alike of Manisha so that robot Manisha attracts robot Surendra. After coming to know about these look - alike and powerful robots, mafia in USA kidnaps these people. The climax deals with putting an end to this troublesome triplet.

The Towers of Kaiping

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